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A Three-Way CRM Battle: HubSpot, Zoho, and Close. Which Should You Choose For Your Business?

HubSpot CRM

The CRM market is booming! As businesses continue to utilize the power of Customer Relationship Management software, companies are working feverishly to provide the best platforms at the best prices. There are three top packages on the market now: HubSpot, Zoho, and Close. Each software platform has pros and cons, but in general, the best platform on the market is HubSpot. Here are three key reasons HubSpot bests the other two platforms in terms of features.

HubSpot Is The Most User-Friendly Platform

The developers of HubSpot care immensely about the user experience. They’ve written blog posts about crafting the ultimate user experience and have internalized those teachings into their own platform [1]. Other reviews have also cited the user-friendliness of the HubSpot platform [2]. On the other hand, both Zoho and Close have user interfaces that don’t have the same rave reviews [3]. If you’re looking for the most intuitive user interface for your platform, HubSpot is the way to go.

HubSpot Is The Clear Winner On Price

HubSpot is free. In fact, it costs $0 for as many users as you want for as long as you want [4]. Zoho has a free edition, but that’s only for three users. After that, it is a minimum of $12 per user per month. Similarly, Close costs $35 per user per month. For small businesses, recurring charges can eat into profit margins rapidly. Considering HubSpot’s quality user experience and rich feature set, the fact that it is free as well is honestly icing on the cake!

HubSpot Has An Amazing Live Chat Feature

One of the coolest features of HubSpot is its live chat feature [5]. It’s genuinely an excellent sales tool that you can add to your site. You can chat with visitors directly on your website, or you can build chatbots that can answer questions and take contact information for you. You’ve likely visited sites and seen the “message” button on the bottom-right corner. HubSpot lets you add one of those to your website quickly and easily. As mentioned above, it’s also the only CRM software that enables you to do this entirely free, no matter how many users you may have. Especially for smaller businesses looking to have a few part-time assistants helping potential buyers out with questions, having this feature for free becomes critically important for the sales pipeline.


The best CRM is also free. While all systems offer the necessary contact management, marketing, and sales capabilities, HubSpot pulls away from the pack. With a much cleaner UI, free pricing, and excellent chat feature, HubSpot represents the pinnacle of the small business CRM system. Businesses already using one of the competitors, such as Zoho or Close, would be well-advised to give HubSpot a try. New companies seeking out a top-rated CRM platform would be equally well-advised to start using HubSpot. If nothing else, register and try adding a few of the form or chat features to your site. Chances are, you will see improvements both in customer satisfaction and in getting leads.