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Google & Yahoo are Changing Their Email Policies in 2024

In February 2024 Google and Yahoo will have new requirements for email authentication, consent, and engagement.

Read on for more details about the changes and links to resources.

Google and Yahoo Will Be Implementing New Requirements in 3 Crucial Areas:

1. Email Authentication

To prevent emails from bouncing or being flagged as spam, the implementation of the following authentication methods is essential. The instructions for configuring these methods in HubSpot are provided for each option:

  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)

2. Easy Unsubscription

Recipients of marketing emails must be able to unsubscribe with a single click. HubSpot already mandates the inclusion of unsubscribe links in the footer of marketing emails. A guide is available for adding unsubscribe links to 1:1 emails if sent from a connected email account.

3. Sending Wanted Emails Only

Following Google's guidelines for email senders, maintaining a spam rate of 0.1% or less is crucial for ensuring successful email delivery. A consistent spam rate of 0.3% or higher may lead to email performance issues such as delays, spam filtering, or bounces.


Proactively managing email authentication, consent, and engagement has always been pivotal for enhancing email deliverability. With a heightened focus on combating malicious activities and spam, these recommendations are evolving into required best practices. While these changes demand more effort from senders, they will ultimately contribute to a better, more secure experience for contacts.

Next Steps

Ongoing monitoring of updates and the development of resources are underway to assist both users and clients in preparing for these changes. Further information and guidance will be shared in the coming months. In the meantime, any questions can be addressed by reviewing the provided blog post.


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