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HubSpot's CMS Hub - What is it?

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms just to manage your website? Do you dread the thought of updating your website because it feels like you need a computer science degree just to make a simple change? You may want to consider implementing HubSpots content management system! With its easy-to-use interface and powerful marketing tools, managing your website has never been more seamless!

Content management tools are vital for marketers, developers and IT teams because they allow businesses and individuals to effectively manage, organize, and publish their digital content. There are many different features of the CMS Hub, so let's get started!

CMS Features for IT teams

Security is one of the highest priorities for IT teams and the CMS hub provides several different security features such as...

  • 24/7 security monitoring & threat detection
        Automated security checks for attacks and/or potential abuse.
  • Content delivery network & custom CDN configuration
        HubSpot's CDN network was built for high traffic levels and fast loading,                reliable websites.
  • Standard SSL certificate
        Your website will automatically renew your standard SSL certificate, which            ultimately leads to a higher Google ranking.
  • Activity logging and partitioning
       You are able to see who on your team changed what and when just to                   overall monitor usage better!
  • Site performance monitoring
       The ability to track errors, track the part of your website that gains the most           traffic and loads slowly, just got a whole lot easier with the site                       performance monitoring tool.
  • Reverse proxy configuration
       This enables marketers to create and manage content while loading content         all from one domain. 


CMS Features for Developers

Developers can work with a number of powerful HubSpot CMS features to build their website. HubSpot makes it infinitely easier to create user-targeted content. Some of these features include...

  • CMS developer sandbox
       For FREE, you can create a developer sandbox to receive access to all                     HubSpot developer tools. It provides an easy way to play around to see                   which one works best for you!
  • Content Search
       HubSpot created a native search engine so that you don't have to worry                 about using a third party to search for content.
  • Multi-language
       Allowing HubSpot users to try several language variations of their content,             provides more opportunity to find the language that the customer is most             comfortable with. 
  • File manager
       The file manager does exactly what it sounds like! It creates an organized             space to store and serve files from your web.
  • Content Staging
       With content staging, users are allowed to update the pages by staging                   where the pages are at. These changes are then transferred to your                         production site. This is a professional feature only.
  • HubDB
       HubDB can be compared to a spreadsheet or data storage. Makes things               easier to organize and/or calculate data. This is a professional feature only.
  • Membership
       "Using the Membership feature of CMS Hub Enterprise, you can require your         CRM contacts to be logged in to view specific content of your site. Content           behind membership pages can be highly personalized to the logged-in                   contact, and can even render Contacts, Companies, Deals and Products                 data from the CRM." - HubSpot. This feature is only for enterprise members.
  • Serverless functions
       Serverless functions enable the user to write server-side code that works in           HubSpot as well as third-party services via APIs. This feature is only for                 enterprise members.
  • HubSpot APIs
       HubSpot APIs have secure access to your CMS and CRM data. These were           specifically made to create a functional application or integration quickly               and easily!


CMS Features for Marketers

For marketers, the CMS hub is the best for building personalized website pages for every visitor. It also provides models of different devices so you are constantly aware of what your website looks like on each one.

  • Drag and drop website builder
       You are able to create website pages without the developer's help or custom         code, making it efficient for everybody.
  • Website themes and templates
       HubSpot provides a set of ready-to-go templates for your website with the             option of custom development.
  • Fully integrated CRM
       Easily monitor your website visitors and use CRM data to tailor personalized         digital experiences, all in one convenient location.
  • Web hosting
       You are able to fully manage your website on a trusted, secure infrastructure.
  • Custom domain connection
       You are able to make a custom domain for your website, which spreads                 brand awareness while also instilling organic search right from the start.
  • Blog Maker
       The blog maker helps users create blogs with SEO optimization and easy to         use modules to put it together.


Whether you are on the IT team, a developer, or a marketer in the business world, the CMS Hub in HubSpot has what you need to successfully attract and keep a good relationship with clientele. With its powerful tools, easy-to-use interface, and seamless integration with other HubSpot products, the CMS Hub can help you create, manage, and optimize your website like a pro. Join the HubSpot family and start using the CMS Hub today!


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