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Why Your Business Needs to be Blogging: 6 Awesome Benefits

Did you know 8 out of 10 internet users identify as blog readers? Think of the blog marketing possibilities!

Typically, blogs must be updated regularly, which requires significant time and effort, but if you are serious about growing your business, you must make that investment.


Attracts More Traffic

If your company blogs, you will have 434 percent more indexed pages than a business that doesn’t blog. Thus, you will have 55 percent more traffic. 

If you have a small blog, you should update it 3-4 times to increase organic traffic.

Also, remember that social signals are instrumental in improving your business site rankings online. So, it would be best to make your blog content shareable by incorporating share buttons for popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. In addition, you can also repurpose your blog content for these platforms rather than create fresh content from scratch. 

The more shares your content generate, the more you can reach out to newer audiences, increasing your traffic further. 

Improves Conversion Rates

There is more to selling than simply increasing traffic. First, you need to convert your visitors into leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy.h at is where a call-to-action (CTA) comes in.

A CTA is an inducement you incorporate to urge your visitors to take a desired course of action after consuming your blog content. It helps to move the undecided website visitors further along the sales funnel.

For example, you can ask visitors to click on a link that takes them to a landing page where they will fill in a form to get free additional content, such as a price comparison guide, whitepaper, or product demo. 

Betters Your Reputation as an Expert

Did you know that the webpage ranked position one on Google SERP has 3.8 times more backlinks than the pages ranked 2-10? 

It's safe to assume that links are central in helping your website and associate brand become visible online, so the average business spends 25 percent of its SEO budget on link building.

However, what you spend that budget on matters. To improve your visibility, you must create high-quality content with mass appeal. That way, many different publishers with high average domain authority will link to your article and boost your online standing as an expert. 

So, having relevant blog content for each stage of the sales process is necessary for selling. In particular, you should concentrate on content backed by research and data to support any claims you make or opt for content with a strong storytelling angle.

Furthermore, when buyers interact with salespeople who have published content and can provide links to resources to answer any questions, they will become more trustworthy.

Increases Brand Awareness

When you regularly update your website or social media accounts with high-quality content and more people access and link to your content, your rankings on search engines will improve. As a result, your brand will become more visible to a broader audience. Which means, the next time they consider purchasing a product or service, yours will be among the brand names they recognize and select.

Greatly Improves Your ROI via Compounding

A blog post you create today will remain on your publishing platform forever unless you delete it and it will keep generating views. 

Here are some HubSpot Study statistics worth reading:

  • Businesses that blog 16 to 20 times monthly will get over twice as much traffic as those that blog less than four times monthly.
  • Businesses that blog 20 or more times each month will generate four times more leads than those that don’t blog.
  • Businesses that have at least 200 total blog posts will get 4.6 times more traffic than those with fewer than 20 blogs.
  • Business sites with 401 to 1000 web pages will have nine times more traffic than those with 51 to 100 web pages.

Therefore, you should always appreciate the compounding power of blog marketing and its ability to increase your ROI significantly. The more blog content you create and the longer you keep at it, the higher your traffic will be, increasing your bottom line with less financial investment over a long period.

 Relationship Building Strategy

Through your company blog, you can share recent news about:

  • New employees, you have hired or promoted
  • Recently published marketing materials like whitepapers that your audience can check out
  • An upcoming business event like a trade show that interested people can attend
  • Expert interviews that you or other representatives in the organization took part in

Every time you share company-related news, you will interact with your target audience and ensure they stay engaged with your brand, which goes a long way in maintaining trust and building loyalty. 



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