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Our Favorite February HubSpot Updates

We'll be sharing the latest news and features from one of the most powerful marketing and sales automation platforms on the market. HubSpot is constantly evolving and improving, so we'll be here to keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments. Whether you're a HubSpot user, a marketer, a sales professional, or just someone who's interested in learning more about inbound marketing, this blog is for you!

Our Favorite HubSpot Updates for February 

1. Content Approvals: Landing Pages, Website Pages, and Blogs

Content approval allows marketers to request approval before publishing a website page, landing page, or blog.  This enables more collaboration with others, something that HubSpot is trying to facilitate more!

CMS and Marketing Hub

Pro, Enterprise (Pro can only send requests for Website Pages)

2Full Calendar View

 This update gives customers a complete view of their calendar availability within the CRM.

         Sales and Service Hub

         Available for all

3. CRM Development Tools Extend All Record Pages with UI Extensions

Developers can now create custom cards in a new tab in the CRM record middle pane and add custom cards to the sidebar.

         Sales and Service Hub


4. Seamless Conversation Handoff Across All Boxes

 Agents in the inbox can now control how a conversation is reassigned to other agents in another inbox. There are options to assign any agent, a specific team, current owner, or mark it unassigned.

         Service Hub

         Available for all

5. Selective Email Threading in Sequences

Threaded and non-threaded email steps are all within the same sequence. This is to make emails feel more natural as if the emails were sent as responses to the initial email.

        Sales Hub and Service Hub


6. Owner Sync

HubSpot added a new default mapping to several data sync apps to allow keeping record owners in sync. Originally when someone tried to sync HubSpot with the other app used, the owner would not transfer over. It is fixed!

         Operations Hub

Available for All

7. Ticket @Mention Notification for Mobile

When someone mentions you on a ticket, it is possible to receive a notification on your mobile device. Before, it was only available on a desktop.

         General HubSpot Update

8. Marketing Email Analytics Now in Custom Report Builder

Marketing email analytics is a new data source in the custom report builder, which gives you access to key email performance metrics, such as open rate & click-through rate, alongside CRM reporting.

        General HubSpot Update


9. Adding a Terms of Service URL

The paying users of HubSpot are now given the opportunity to add a terms of Service URL to the buyer during checkout. 

        General HubSpot Update for Paying Users

10. Security Center Feature 

This is the first release of the brand-new security feature! It provides a checklist for customers to see how safe their HubSpot accounts are. Each account will have a score of 100% and customers will be able to see what they need to work on to make it safer.

      General HubSpot Update




HubSpot updates have been designed to offer its users an enhanced experience and to make their marketing and sales efforts more effective. These updates have not only made it easier for businesses to manage their online presence but have also helped them to understand their customers better and make informed decisions. HubSpot's commitment to providing a high-quality platform has made it number one software today, and its regular updates demonstrate its dedication to continued innovation and improvement.



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