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Sales Tips for 2024

We understand that the sales landscape is always changing, and we're here to help you navigate it. This blog offers practical tips and insights to adapt to the evolving market. Whether it's embracing new technologies or understanding customer preferences, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to excel in the dynamic sales environment of 2024. Join us as we explore effective strategies to boost your sales performance and achieve success in the coming year!

Leverage AI for Enhancement, Not Full Automation

As AI became mainstream this year, the question arose: could these powerful algorithms replace human salespeople? However, upon testing this technology, it became evident that AI falls short in replicating the essential human touch crucial in sales. 

Although AI can generate business process, it shouldn't take away from the soft skills salespeople have learning over the course of their occupation. It is very important to know how to leverage it correctly, rather than fully relying on it.

Building Trust Relies on Quality Content

Because of the overload of content nowadays, buyers are more informed now than ever. It makes it easier to spot if deals aren't valuable and if they are being pitched too by salespeople.  

According to Alex Heiden, CEO of Closify, a more effective strategy involves becoming a valuable resource for buyers by providing them with relevant content when they need it. He stated, "As the market is getting more sophisticated, pushy sales tactics are out. The new way of selling is through putting out sales assets like case studies and trainings. Content marketing has to become a focus."

"Unsurprisingly, 1 in 4 sales professionals believe making more effective sales enablement content would result in the most growth for their company, according to HubSpot's 2024 State of Sales report. Of course, you never want to overwhelm prospects with information, so it's important to be intentional here."

Intensify Focus on Social Selling

Content sharing with clients is great, but putting out engaging content on social media is where it's at. This includes long YouTube videos, short Instagram reels, a quick Thread, Tweet (X), or TikToks.

The more touch points you have, the more likely it will be to engage customers all around the world. We saw an increase of this in 2020 when Amazon was and continues to be one of the most used shopping sites. They have small videos of influencers using their products, a tailored "For You" page of products (etc). Amazon lets a lot of micro influencers doing the talking and reviewing for them on various social media platforms.

More Tips for Social Selling:

Prioritize Value Over Sales Tactics 

Shifting from the pushy and aggressive sales tactics of the past, prioritizing value over gimmicks is a significant change. While attention-grabbing gimmicks may have an initial impact, they contribute little to the establishment and nurturing of genuine relationships. Many sales leaders emphasize this perspective, advising to discard any aspect of the process that feels like a tactic or gimmick, and instead, focus on treating customers as nuanced and informed buyers. Recognizing and understanding these individuals and how to assist them in achieving their goals is a timeless approach that never goes out of style.

Longterm Relationships > Short Term Gains

Authentically desiring the best for your customer may involve making decisions that don't show the maximum short-term profit but will result in long-term dividends. While the advantages of long-term relationships are evident, salespeople must maintain persistence.

This will enable trust with consumers, creating a higher chance of them becoming returning customers.

A Sales Pipeline Requires Top-notch Data Quality

"The strength of a sales pipeline relies on the quality of data collected at the outset. While a fuller pipeline may seem healthier, its strength hinges on each lead having a validated potential for conversion." - Tyler Holloman (Senior HubSpot Admin at MarineMax). In essence, quantity should be tempered

with quality, emphasizing the need to pose important, qualifying questions early in the process to pinpoint leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. Considering the prospect's perspective is crucial: a lack of clarity on why they are being contacted can result in an invaluable interaction.

In the end, sales teams should focus their energy on authentic revenue-generating prospects rather than pursuing leads with low potential for conversion.