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WINTERBOUND 2024 Recordings

WinterBound 2024 was a few weeks ago and we wanted to go over a few exciting things that you missed.

On March 5 and 6th of this year, HubSpot users from around the Salt Lake Valley gathered to learn more about HubSpot from the professionals. These awesome teachers included: Kyle Jepson, Nick Decoulos, Jack Coopersmith, David Askvig & more!

We had three rockstar sponsors- Aloware, Supered and Big Red Jelly. We are beyond grateful for their efforts and were honored to spend two days with them.

About the Classes

We were lucky enough to fly out several HubSpot professionals from Boston, as well as gather many great teachers within Utah. The classes ranged from Email Marketing to Sales Hub to Becoming a HubSpot Wizard (etc).


Kyle Jepson: Coaching Your Sales Team, Super Charging Your Sales Process with Commerce Hub,  Building a Sales Process & Sales Hub +.

Nick Decoulos: Learning About How to Use the Prospecting Workspace, Deal Management & Sales Reporting, Coaching Your Sales Team & Building a Sales Process.

Jack Coopersmith: Super Charging Your Sales Process with Commerce Hub.

Davey Warren: HubSpot and CRM Basics, Maximizing Client Satisfaction with HubSpot Service Hub.

Jason Caywood: Why Most Fail to Reach Their Full Sales Potential

David Askvig: HubSpot's Hidden Potential: A Guide for Customer Success

Josh Webber: Level Up Your Brand & Client Experience with HubSpot Magic

Michael Roberts: The 4 Keys to High-Performing Lifecycle and Email Programs

Ian Shields: Data Storytelling with HubSpot Reporting & Map Your Funnel, Identify Revenue Gaps

Brandon Tuttle: Harmonizing Teams with HubSpot: Trust-Building Automation Strategies

Andrew Henke: RevOps = Enterprise Wide Collaboration

and more!


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