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New Restore Deleted Products Tool

HubSpot released a series of updates in March. One of these updates included the ability to restore deleted products within the sales hub, in-app. 

Restoration of Deleted Products, in-app

     Before the month of March, you could not restore deleted within the HubSpot app. This functionality is going to bring the Recycle Bin to the Products library so that deletions can be quickly undone. In order to do so, click the action button in the upper right corner of the Product library and choose 'Restore records'. It will then open the Recycle bin with all deleted products. 


Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 11.22.08 AM


     The restoration of deleted products can be beneficial for several reasons including; Saving time and effort, retaining customer data, maintaining brand consistency, and creating opportunity for improvement. 

Benefits of Restoring Deleted Products

  1. Saves time and Effort: Restoring a deleted product can save time and effort that would be required to create a new product. It can be particularly helpful if the product had a lot of content or data within it.
  2. Retains customer data: If a product is deleted, any associated customer data, such as purchase history and preferences, can be lost. By restoring the product, this data can be retained, which can help with personalization efforts.

  3. Opportunity for improvement: Restoring a deleted product can also provide an opportunity to improve upon it. For example, if a product was deleted due to low sales, restoring it with new features or marketing strategies could help increase its success.

       Allowing HubSpot users to restore deleted products can have several benefits for both the CRM and its customers. First, it rectifies any accidental or unintended deletion of products, preventing any loss of revenue and buyers. Additionally, it helps to maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring that they have access to products they may have previously purchased or were interested in. 

     Overall, the ability to restore deleted products can be a valuable tool for HubSpot, allowing them to better serve their customers, enhance their business operations, and contribute to a more sustainable business model.


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