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What Does Our HubSpot Onboarding Process Look Like?

New to HubSpot?

Start your HubSpot journey with a basic, foundational but helpful HubSpot onboarding process with us!

The Basics of HubSpot Onboarding with Us

Your HubSpot journey should begin with a solid foundation of knowledge, which is where we come in. We help smooth over the process of importing your existing data into the HubSpot system, promising a seamless transition. Our onboarding process is designed to help you understand the essentials of data management within HubSpot, paving the way for a successful CRM implementation. From contacts to company information, we'll guide you through, ensuring your data is accurately reflected in your new digital home.

Helping to Set Up Your HubSpot Account for Success

Our goal is to empower you to confidently manage your HubSpot account. While we provide assistance during the initial setup phase, including automation configuration and data structuring, we focus on imparting the skills necessary for you to take the reins. We'll walk you through the critical features and functionalities of HubSpot, customizing the platform to align with your business processes. By the end of our onboarding, you should be confident in using HubSpot's powerful tools to enhance your marketing, sales, and service strategies.

Specific Tools We Show

We introduce you to a wide array of HubSpot's specific tools to ensure you leverage the platform's full potential.

We'll cover everything from setting up custom properties tailored to your business needs, to importing data for a seamless integration with your workflows.

We'll get you acquainted with the convenience of the HubSpot mobile app, and show you how to create impactful marketing emails.

You'll learn how to manage permissions and teams effectively, ensuring the right people have the right access.

Our support will also cover mastering list segmentation, creating workflows and sequences for precise engagements, and producing informative reports and dashboards to monitor your progress.

The Value of HubSpot Training and Support Resources

We will frequently suggest HubSpot's extensive training and support resources. Our aim is to direct you towards the abundant informational assets provided by HubSpot, including HubSpot Academy, HubSpot articles, community discussions, and webinar trainings. This empowers you to find answers and explore advanced topics at your own pace, ultimately maximizing the value you derive from your HubSpot investment.

Interested in onboarding with us?